What Part of SEO Can You Do For Yourself?

SEO, or search engine optimisation should be high priority for all businesses, whether just a small local
business or a much larger company. The majority of businesses however, simply do not have the knowledge or
understanding that such services are easily available to them. They lack the understanding of what increased
traffic can do to their bottom line. Furthermore, they are unaware that if they do not have the budget just yet for a
professional to do their SEO, they can begin the SEO process themselves. Once you understand
how SEO works and what it takes to make it work, there are certain elements that can be simple to implement.

Many web sites are designed on appeal, using visual tools such as bright colours, videos, capturing images and
interesting, relevant information. All these tools work hand in hand in capturing an audience, but what many web
designers, as well as the people paying for these designs, don’t take into consideration is that what web sites
really need to capture and audience is high search engine rankings. Being high in search engine rankings
enables these companies to not only capture mass traffic to their website, but also ensures that the relevant
consumer is accessing their website.

So, what part of SEO can you do for yourself? To begin this task, imagine your target market, the most suitable
client for your particular product or service.  If you were this client, and wanted to find your website, what would
you type into a search engine? How would these words be typed, and in what order? These particular ‘key words’
are essential in ensuring that a search engine displays your web site  to your target market.

By considering the key words that your potential clients will use, you are able to determine what key words
should constantly appear on your web site. This is step two in the process. Now, you must make sure that your
web site is keyword rich. This means to constantly use the key words, or a combination of the key words, over
and over throughout your website. By doing this, your web site will appear higher on a search engine, making it
easier for your potential clients to find your service.

Another way to help with your SEO is to use your networks. This can be done through using the web sites of any
family, friends or clients. If you exchange external links with these people, you are able to not only increase
your SEO, but also their SEO- ensuring that you are both reaping the rewards.
It is clear that well-optimised web sites have better visibility on search engine results pages. For more information
on how to further your SEO, contact Growthworx and ask us how.

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