Tips to improve the web positioning of your ecommerce in 2021

Tips to improve the web positioning of your ecommerce in 2021 1
Web Positioning

The SEO of 2021 is going to be substantially very different in many aspects from what we know to date.

We can talk about five essential points that will have an especially important relevance in SEO, during 2021, if we want to improve the e-commerce website.

Five necessary steps for good SEO in 2021

1.Keywords and competition analysis

Tips to improve the web positioning of your ecommerce in 2021 2

This SEO is the one that takes into account the keywords . Its importance is basic, since it conditions user traffic according to web searches.

It is important to take into account the competition, through which keywords users reach your pages. This way we will be able to position ourselves at the same level as the competition’s pages and, also, improve it with our own searches.  

2. SEO audit

Tips to improve the web positioning of your ecommerce in 2021 3

Based on the previous point, that is, on the keywords and competition analysis, an SEO audit is carried out on the website itself. This audit contemplates what improvements can be established around the competition analysis. That is, it will be clear what to improve on our website to keep up with the competition and stand out from it.

The indexing is key in achieving sales since Google is the only one that can enable visibility of your website.

What does Google reward for good indexing?

  1. Original content
  2. Relevant content
  3. Well structured content

3.  SEO On Page

Tips to improve the web positioning of your ecommerce in 2021 4

Taking into account the previous points, we will change the website itself as necessary. These changes sometimes go through the usability of the web, the content indexes, the maps and a long etcetera. It is true that this point is due to the need for web programmers, which makes the changes more complex. But it is of an indisputable need.  

It is important to determine the web structure of your online store, as well as to optimize the product categories.

4. Linkbuilding strategies

Tips to improve the web positioning of your ecommerce in 2021 5

This strategy is the basis, since this contributes SEO and reputation to our website. Recommendations for a purchase are the true source of reliability. The knowledge of our brand is always easier to remember if it comes from outside sources than from a simple discovery. In addition to that it is considerably easier to reach more target audience.

5. Periodic reports

Tips to improve the web positioning of your ecommerce in 2021 6

Having this analytical capacity on your website will mean, among other things, that you don’t have to start over all the time. Because you can already work on what has been created. We mean that it will be possible to know what works and what does not on your website, the changes in trends or how to boost the sales of one or another product according to the number of searches produced by different sources.

As well as knowing if something is not working. If something does not work it is necessary to remove it, or minimally change it . Because wrong content on our website dirties and hinders traffic towards real sales. As well as helping us to enhance what really works.  

For the future of ecommerce, it is important not to lose sight of certain trends such as the need for augmented reality, chatbots, social commerce and personalization.

  1. Augmented reality . It is the customer’s need to interact with the product and be as close as possible to a real experience. That is to say, to believe that through images and through the web you know it well enough not to be disappointed when you get hold of it.
  2. Chatbots . They are the interactions that look like a real conversation. The faster and more effective doubts can be solved through these chats, the easier it will be to complete the purchase on the web.
  3. Social commerce . It is the purchase of a product without leaving social networks. This process facilitates the purchase since the customer is in a zone of comfort, security and, at the same time, of impulsiveness and speed.
  4. Customization . Let us bear in mind that we are increasingly living in a more impersonal world. And there is great criticism of the Internet for being the culprit of this. Therefore, if purchases made in electronic commerce are made in a personal way and with personalized products, it will be fighting against this scale.

SEO for ecommerce is absolutely necessary, since it is the only possibility to make the users we need come to our store and finish the process. All SEO must be focused on these keywords and these processes, since the online store is the only thing we have to attract the customer and provide the necessary security to complete the transaction we need.

As always, we must know that this complex process that includes each space and each word on our website will only have the result we expect if it is carried out by experts with the necessary knowledge since it is not a simple task.

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