The Group Buying Phenomenon!

It’s no secret that the group buying phenomenon has taken the world by storm & Australia is no different. Daily
Deals websites by now are a dime a dozen, but does that mean that they are no longer effective?
In our opinion, no it doesn’t. What it does mean for your business, however, is that you need to ensure that you
chose the best suited deals website to your product or service offering and ensure that your discount offer is not
only suitable to fulfil the deal websites criteria, but that it will work long term for you.
The best way to get more sales from your dela is to ensure that you are reaching your target market (i.e. is their
database compatible with your business type) with a quality deals that encourages repeat purchase, sent to a
converting quality database.
What a lot of businesses that we have spoken find is that the deal ‘worked’ in the sense that they sold a lot of
coupons and people redeemed those, however the long-term results remain to be seen. Why? Because it is up to

the businesses to think of long-term results, not the deals websites, and unfortunately without some
encouragement, they do not always lead businesses down that path.
If you are the type of business that will set up a coupon on a deals website, the best advice that we can give you
is not to just go with anyone, think of your branding and ask questions such as ‘what are the demographics of
your database? Do they suit my business?’. Think of long-term purchases and structure your deal so that you
can achieve those results.
If you have any questions regarding this or anything else marketing, please contact us via our contact form on
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