Strategic Marketing

Included in Growthworx' Strategic Marketing services are:

 Marketing/brand audit - we'll find things you missed that can improve your brand

 Market research - we can research low hanging fruit opportunities and identify easy high ROI targets

 Marketing strategy - get marketing strategy advice at no charge. That's right, we'll discuss strategies for your business without charing you anything.

 Marketing coaching - years of successful marketing campaigns and new business launches give us the experience to coach you on your marketing needs.

 Marketing plans - if you don't plan, you plan to fail. Get a marketing plan from Growthworx that ONLY focuses on your real business needs.

To make sure you achieve results we learn your main business objectives

Strategic Marketing at Growthworx consists primarily of understanding your main business objectives. By doing so, our team is able to ‘strategically’ plan the most successful marketing campaign according to your businesses wants, needs and especially budgets.

Our team has a wide range of skills

The team at Growthworx consists of in house marketing and agency staff, as well as business owners, so we understand strategy from all aspects.

Rather than working to an ad-hoc, start-stop approach to marketing, Growthworx helps businesses to come up with and implement a systematic approach to their marketing that is action driven and generates results.

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