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Mass Emails vs Drip Emails

Mass email campaigns are a great way to send out the company’s latest announcements. However, the biggest disadvantage is they don’t allow for user customization. In the digital era, a customized set of messages can work in driving growth at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Hence, it’s important to note the difference between the mass email campaign and drip emails.

Drip emails are a part of an Email marketing campaign that aims to increase sales outreach. It consists of multiple pre-written emails that are sent out on specific timelines or user actions. Its purpose is to direct the potential customer or the email subscriber towards purchasing the product.

Embrace the Drip Emails Trend with Growthworx

GrowthWorx has all the technical resources, experienced team members, and the desired expertise to shoot out drip emails on behalf of our clients. We enable you to stay in touch with your existing customers or potential buyers by referring the recipient by their name, contact, company information, and more.

Below mentioned are the use cases where we can assist you in setting up the automated drip campaigns:

Use Cases

  • Nurturing Leads

Potential buyers need a bit of nurturing until they are ready to buy your product. We help you in lead nurturing by sending a drip email that involves educating the users about the company’s products and how they can satisfy their needs. Sometimes we also offer them free trials.

  • Welcoming

Suppose you might have done a phenomenal job at marketing your product. But how will your prospects learn about the benefits or features of your product?

We reach out to your customers by sending them a drip email, sharing some of the company’s highly read blog posts or product descriptions; thereby capturing their attention.

  • Onboarding

Getting page impressions and clicks on your website or page is fine, but your target is to close the deal. That’s where the onboarding drip email comes in.

In conjunction with sending out the welcoming email, an onboarding drip will convince a customer to take some action. That action could be downloading your company’s mobile app, purchasing a product, signing up for the premium packages, etc.

  • Abandoned Shopping Carts

Suppose you crafted all enticing emails, offered your customers numerous coupons and discount codes, and finally made them add the product to their shopping cart. But they abandoned at the end and logged off.

Your hard-earned potential sale vanished, and it’s a loss to your business!

At Growthworx, we aim to ensure such a situation rarely occurs. We work by shooting a drip campaign to re-engage the lost customer and redirect them to the ‘purchase’ button.

  • Renewals

Whether your user has extended the subscription or it’s about to run out; we can help you leverage the drip emails to inform them that their package is about to expire and that they should apply for renewal.

  • Confirmation

You can also set up an autoresponder that goes out straight to the customer saying ‘Thank you’ when your customer has finally purchased your product.

Remember: gratitude never goes unacknowledged, especially by the customer!

Parting Thoughts

If you are looking to grow your brand by reaching out to new customers or retain your existing customers, feel free to contact us to design your well-crafted drip emails.

To discuss more how we can help you for high quality backlinks call us +(03) 9751 7904  or email contact@growthworx.com.au

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