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Do you want to generate more sales for your business, but are simply unable to achieve your sales targets? Your product description copies might be the cause of lack of sales…

If you want customers to buy your product it might be worth your while to hire an experienced copywriter for your product description.

A product description is one of the easiest ways to connect with customers and raise your sales online!

Read ahead to find out why Growthworx copywriters are worth your time and money:

Improve Conversion Rates- Product Descriptions that Sell!

If your product description isn’t increasing the conversion rate, you need a new one. That’s where Growthworx comes in the story!

Growthworx knows the purpose of the product description is to act like a salesman in the absence of an actual physical salesman. They should help you successfully make an online sale!

That’s why our copywriters can guarantee to write an encapsulating product description for you that converses with the reader.

A conversation. That’s what all brands need to make readers stay hooked on their websites, and turn a website visitor into a customer!

Beat the Competition with Growthworx

Does your service or product have a saturated market? In that case, your success does not solely depend on how well your product description is. It rather depends on the value your product/service adds to the life of a customer compared to your competitor’s products/services.

Growthworx will provide you product descriptions of the length you desire, with focused words that can set you apart from the competition.

This is the power of a good copy. It can present even the simplest of products in a way that makes readers think “This is the product that will significantly change my life!” which is exactly what our copywriters are here to do for you!

SEO for Product Description- Generate More Traffic on Your Website!

As an e-commerce business or a business that wants to grow their presence online as well, you need one thing: SEO for your product descriptions!

SEO isn’t as simple as it sounds. This is the science of incorporating a few select phrases in a manner that:

  1. Makes the reader fall in love with your service and product (nobody buys a product or service unless they are convinced that it is going to give them the desired result)
  1. Ranks your website high on search engines when a potential customer types in the keyword on a search engine
  1. Keeps the readers engaged and stay on your website for longer! (super important)

By availing our copywriting services, not only will your website and products get ranked on top, but you will also connect with the target customer.

Want to Revise Old Copies? Let Us Help!

We know the market trends and customer’s needs are constantly changing. However, a good copywriter can write about your product in a way that it stays relevant for customers as their needs evolve.

Our services include a basic consultation on your current copy of the product description, while our experienced team will thoroughly read through to suggest improvements.

Therefore, we will make sure your current product description is updated to suit the ever-changing market trends.

Special service for our valued clients: You can also get unlimited revisions on the product description we copywrite for you!

Reach Out to Us for Your Copywriting Needs!

If you are looking for an affordable yet meaningful product description, the Growthworx website is where you need to be! Get in touch with us today at contact@growthworx.com.au.

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