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TV Advertising

TV advertising is one of the most powerful forms of advertising. The general population spends over four and a half hours a day in front of the TV. Yes, that’s right. This means you have the opportunity to showcase your business, product, or service to a wide audience.

The script is the most critical aspect when it comes to formulating a TV commercial. Writing a script is an art that only a select few master. For your ad to stand out you need the help of professional scriptwriters and this is where Growthworx comes in.

Growthworx listens to your preferences and generates an outstanding script for your ad, everytime.

How is a TV Ad Script Formatted?

TV ad scripts are usually written in a two-column format known as an audio/visual (or AV) script. Since TV advertisers are limited to 15, 30, or 60 seconds commercials, the scripts need to be concise and to the point. These are structured to convey the information briefly.

Audio/visual scripts include two columns – visuals on the left and audio on the right – both having headings that contain essential information about the project.

Terms to Use when Writing an Ad Script

The script for TV ads involves special vocabulary. There are 7 most commonly used terms for describing visual and aural information.

  1. GFX: short for graphics, written in the visual column for describing on-screen graphics
  2. Montage: used before listing a series of short shots sequenced together in the visual column
  3. CU, MS, and WS: used to specify close-up, medium shot, and wide shot respectively in visual column
  4. O: indicates voice-over dialogue in the audio column
  5. S: indicate off-screen dialogue in the audio column
  6. SFX: indicates sound effects in the audio column
  7. Music: designate the type of music in the audio column

Get a Perfect Script for Your Ads at Growthworx

With many years of experience in designing various types of advertisements, Growthworx masters the art of developing an impactful script for your TV ads that will surely leave a mark and increase the reachability of your business or brand.

Have a look at the characteristics of ad scripts written by us

A good and Simple Story

A good storyline has a beginning, a middle, and an ending. It is difficult to include all this in a 30-second spot but not for us! We write scripts that will capture the attention of the audience and provoke a sort of emotional reaction.

The Right Tone

While writing an ad, we keep in mind the tone of your brand and formulate the script accordingly. From edgy, serious, quirky, to peaceful, romantic, social we can write every sort of scripts for you.

A Recurring Theme

The best TV ads are not standalone ideas, they are full-on ad campaigns. We generate strong scripts for multiple ads in your campaign that co-relates and generate considerable brand recognition.

A Call to Action

We add a persuasive call to action in your script that targets the potential audience and raises awareness of your brand or business.


Let Growthworks write the best scripts for TV ads. Book a free consultation, now!

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