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Direct Marketing is a form of advertising campaign that allows companies to promote their brands and services directly to their ideal customers.

While other advertising methods aim to educate prospective buyers about the product, direct marketing merely intends to persuade the buyer for a specific response.

This means direct marketing is what stands between a “potential customer” turning into an “actual client”.

GrowthWorx helps your brand walk the distance between the two by providing a direct response sales letter customized to your business’ needs. We believe that sales are the lifeblood of your business and so a well-crafted sales letter is one of the most effective direct response marketing tactics to use.

Inviting Consumers

On behalf of your company, we offer a compelling reason to your prospective buyers about how they can deal with a problem by using your product or service thus driving them to take action. We ensure to draft the message right, excite them about your product, grab their attention, and then compel them to act.

Through a direct response sales letter, we help companies to achieve the following objectives:

  • Raise Brand Awareness

The primary objective of a sales letter is to educate the prospects of the company’s offering. Even if the campaign may not lead to sales, increased awareness is a positive outcome. There is a high possibility that this awareness may lead to a future purchase.

  • Building Strong Customer Relationship

This objective is concerned with the existing customers when we use sales letters as a means of personalized marketing to retain our client’s existing customers. An example could be giving out coupons and vouchers to ensure the brand loyalty of our existing customers.

  • Reacquiring Lost Customers

There are always a few dissatisfied customers of all companies. Sending out a sales letter can help reunite the bond with the lost customers.

Therefore, we craft such sales letters on behalf of your company that create a good and lasting impression on former clients.
An Effective Call-to-Action (CTA): Just What You Need

A response can only be attained after a call-out.

Like all other things in life, you won’t get a response from your desired individual until you converse with them in an impactful way.

Our variety of CTAs in the sales letter gives your potential customers a quick and easy way to get back to you.

Few of the CTAs that we use in our direct marketing campaign are:

  • Call us
  • Shop with us
  • Sign up for a free trial
  • Subscribe
  • Visit our website/store

Fully Customized Direct Response Sales Letter for You, courtesy Growthworx

A professionally written sales letter is the foundation of a successful direct marketing campaign and allows the business to observe a massive increase in the sales numbers if the sales letter is drafted smartly.

We at Growthworx have a team of professional copywriters who provide you with budget-friendly, impactful, and result-oriented sales letters.

Are you looking to design a compelling direct response sales letter to convert your cold customers to profitable customers?  Feel free to contact us, and let’s together convert your leads into clients!

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