We will write a successful telemarketing script and provide advice on contracting telemarketers


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We will write you an immediately usable script

We will tell you what to say and how to say it

We will tell you exactly how to ask for the order

We use special techniques to paint a picture, to involve the person, and to demand action

We will send you my Telemarketing Campaign Planning Guide. You can plan your campaign, and your response will give me all the information that I need

We will design the script specifically for the people you want to call and the product or service that you wish to sell

We will tell you how to describe your product

We will tell you exactly when and how to ask for the action that you want – purchase, lead, visit

We will send you now you have the script to get you started

We will tell you how to get past the gatekeeper

We will send you overcoming objections which will give and answer common objections and help you manage specific objections

The Telemarketers Motivational Wizard Form will improve your efficiency by more than 100%

You will get:

  1. The Telemarketers Wall Sign
  2. The Telemarketing Myth
  3. Let’s Do It
  4. Advice on Contracting Telemarketers

We unconditionally guarantee this gig


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