We will write a powerful cold call marketing script


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Reasons why cold calling is not dead:

  • The expectation to have a digital presence has sabotaged cold calling. While businesses are hyper-focused on their web presence, live human interaction never ceases to be an effective path for generating leads
  • The script has also changed. Today’s script is actually different from 20 yrs ago. This script is 1st about diffusing the negativity prospects feel in order to start building rapport

Primary Offer

Custom Script using the H2H Sales Scripts Language (includes 2020 H2H Sales Scripts LITE Guide!) –  A custom script designed to engage prospects and deliver our “3 Keys to a Value Proposition” messaging strategy using our battle-tested methodology used on 2500 campaigns in over 50 industries with Superhuman Prospecting.

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  • Cold Call (CC) (200-300)
  • Face-to-Face (FTF) (200-300)
  • Email Script
  • Gatekeeper Script
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