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Banner ads are widely popular these days as they are a cost-effective and easy way for marketers to display their products online across multiple websites. Almost all brands go for Google banner ads to showcase their products or services.

Great display ads are all about the design and visuals because these things influence the first impressions and how the consumer perceives your brand.

With more than 10% of people blocking the display ads and many just tuning them out, you need to up your game to get them to click on the ad when they do see them.

Of course, not every business owner or marketer is a design expert, this is where Growthworx comes in!

How We Design Google Banner Ads for You

Over the years, the skilled team of designers and illustrators at Growthworx have managed hundreds of Google banner ads campaigns. Due to this, we have a good idea about what works and what doesn’t. We design banner ads that increase brand recognition and provide exposure to your brand.

Take a look at the practices implemented by Growthworx for creating perfect Google banner ads:

  • Strong yet Flexible Structure

The structure is the foundation of a good display ad.

While mapping out your ad, we make sure that the banner has clearly defined borders that distinguish it from other web content. The basic structure of your ad will include your company name or logo, a visual representation of your product or service, a value proposition, and a call-to-action.

  • Minimal Color Theme

Colors play a vital part in grabbing attention and evoking emotions.

Different colors attract different types of audiences. We select the color palette for your banner ads while keeping in mind who your campaign is aimed at. Moreover, we provide a minimal color theme that enables the viewer to focus on what’s important.

  • Effective and Standard Banner Sizes

We can make different banner sizes as people may view your ad on different-sized screens. You can choose from the following banner sizes:

  • 728x90px – leaderboard
  • 300x-600px – half page
  • 300x-250px – medium rectangle
  • 336x-280px – large rectangle


  • Easily Readable Typography

You can get a legible typographic hierarchy by choosing Growthworx as your banner ad designers. Typography is a critical element of design that draws attention towards important information so it should be easily readable, otherwise people will not click on your ad.

  • Keeping it Simple

We apply the KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) principle for designing banner ads because your entire brand story cannot fit into a 300×250 ad.

The banners made by us are simple, compelling, and concise that get your message across clearly and quickly.

  • Custom Graphics and Imagery

People are more likely to remember visual data opposing written data, that’s why images are necessary elements to market your brand. Our designers understand the importance of graphics and make use of unique and relatable images according to what you are advertising.

  • Animated GIF Banner

We can also design an animated GIF banner exclusively for you. Animated banners out-perform static banners and can prove to be very effective in terms of Google banner design. We use simple animations that last for less than 15 seconds and don’t loop more than 3 times.

Get the Best Banner Ads for Your Campaign!

If you are looking for exceptional Google banner designs for advertisement needs, you are in the right place!

Schedule your free consultation today with Growthworx to get the best banner designs.

To discuss more how we can help you for high quality backlinks call us (03) 9751 7904 or email

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