We will act as a casual presenter at desk, webcam


A real-looking spokesperson video
✔️Number of words: 70

Tell me who, what, where, when, how, and why !!!!!

Give me the 65 word overview….include 5 Bullet Points, too.

You are responsible for posting, we just make videos.

Send us the info, as We can’t do this alone.

If you have anything creative you want to be done, tell us now, not afterward.

We won’t shoot it again for free, (to include new material).

Pronunciations are your responsibility.

Any changes will likely cost extra ASK in advance!

Wardrobe change? $10 for coat and dress shirt.

Our glasses reflect light, we won’t change that.

We are a stickler for detail, so we may ask lots of questions…

Let’s not create a fabrication or a lie. No Testimonials Here, Sorry

No Refunds, ONE Free Modification if we do something wrong.

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