Set up your Hubspot CRM – includes standard configurations, forms, templates, sales automation and workflows


✔️ Standard Configurations + forms + Templates +Sales Automation + Workflows.

We will manage your entire HubSpot Account Setup. Create your Customer Journey and Marketing and Sales Automation based on your business needs.
Managed numerous B2B Clients Accounts. I will also help in building a Digital Marketing Strategy with HubSpot. Let us discuss your vision and let’s translate it into a successful, revenue-generating business.
If you have any kind of issues related to Hubspot you can message us anytime. I will be very happy to assist you.

Listed below are the things which I will be doing in Hubspot :

  1. Uploading and creating the active list for marketing workflow & sales campaigns
  2. Creating workflows and sequences for email campaigns
  3. Integration with Apps or Website
  4. Landing Page and Newsletter Template creation/design
  5. Executing all forms of the email sequence
  6. Scheduling Social media post from Hubspot
  7. CRM Module customization & data management’s time to make your marketing and sales process fully automated.
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