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There is no denying the fact that email marketing plays a huge role in the overall marketing strategy of a business. After all, almost 99% of consumers check their emails daily! How businesses communicate to their consumers has changed a lot even in the last few years, but these developments cannot beat the good old email marketing.

So we know that emails are important but it is equally important to put together email marketing campaigns, target them, schedule them – that’s where automated flows come in. The team of professional e-marketers at Growthworx can set up powerful email flows for your business in Klaviyo that will surely generate revenue and help your business to grow.

Growthworx – Your Ultimate Email Marketing Partner

Growthworx implements well-thought-out, well documented, and well-tested processes to set up email marketing flows that not only enhance the online presence of your business but also nurture and convert leads.

We can set up the following flows in Klaviyo for you:

Workflows that Bring in Revenue

  1. Welcome Series

Saying hello to the new subscribers is one of the most basic and essential workflows that your brand needs. A series of 3-5 emails comprising of a brief introduction of your brand is sent.

  1. Abandoned Cart

Since 40% of the abandoned cart emails are open, this flow gives you a great opportunity to capture those potential customers. The customers are reminded about their abandoned cart and sometimes offered a discount or promotion to seal the deal.

  1. Browse Abandonment

This flow is for the customers who viewed a product but didn’t add it to the cart. Capturing data for browse abandonment might be time-consuming but it’s not difficult. These emails demonstrate the value of products the customers viewed as well as suggest similar or relevant products.

  1. New Customer Thank you

It is used to appreciate the new customer whenever they make a new purchase. A personalized thank you email along with some follow-up emails hoping they enjoy their purchase and suggesting products similar or complementary to their purchase is sent. A similar type of flow can be used for setting a subscription for the first time.

  1. Repeat Customer Thank you

This flow is set up to make your regular customers feel special because it acknowledges that they have come to purchase for a second time.

  1. Product Review

This is a great touch point for customers who have placed an order but have not yet left a review. Emails asking them to review the product and showing-off similar products based on the order they placed are sent.

  1. Back in Stock

This flow is an absolute must if you work with products that constantly need to be restocked. It notifies the customers whenever the out of the stock product is restocked.

  1. First Purchase Anniversary

Emails are sent to the customers after 365 days of their first purchase. This is a good way to check-in with your customers and to re-engage them. Sometimes discounts are offered to celebrate.

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Schedule your consultation with Growthworx today if you are looking to grow your business through email marketing, we have an experienced and skilled team in this field who will help you get more sales and achieve amazing ROI.

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