Set up a Google Ads campaign with 35 keywords – up to 2 adgroups


Target Audience,Demographics+Negative KW+Upto 8 Extensions+04 Text ads+2 Call Ads if Suitable
✔️35 Keywords
✔️Ad Type Recommendations
✔️3 Bidding & Budget Suggestions


We are a google certified marketer with more than 7 years of experience managing 750+ Google Ads Account.

We will use my experience & knowledge to create your google ads campaign most successful ever!

In this setup, we will make sure to reach your ads to the right & targeted audience who exactly looking for the service/product you offer

Guaranteed Satisfied Quality Services & Highly Targeted Clicks/Visitors

Contact us & get a custom plan/strategy for your ads campaign.

Our services include:

  1. Ad groups designs
  2. Keywords Research
  3. Ad Copy each written manually
  4. Ads Extensions
  5. Landing Page Experience Checkups
  6. Location Optimisation
  7. Demographical optimisation Upon Request
  8. Ads Scheduling
  9. Audience Management Upon Requests
  10. Ad Placement
  11. Devices management
  12. Advance bid adjustments

We can make sure you reach the most targeted audience to your website who is exactly searching for the product/service you offer.

But we can not guarantee or promise the Sales/Leads/Orders

We are not Good In Banking, Finance, Loan, Mortgage, Adult Campaign Setups

Contact Us Now & Plan Your Google Ads Campaign!

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