Scrape 200 Records From The Web/Directory/File Or Data Source Provided


✔️We will scrape 200 records from the web/directory/file or data source provided


The World Wide Web is an ocean full of information on different fields of research. Acquiring relevant information from this vast cluster can be a tough job if you don’t have the specific skills.

Web scraping is a process that extracts data from the internet according to the specifications provided by the user. You can do it either manually or automatically with the use of bots and algorithms.

Growthworx can help you with all your web scraping needs. Using sophisticated techniques and skills, we will provide you with all the relevant data you need by scouring the data source given to us.

So whether you want to research for your web content, conduct market research, or compare pricing on different sites, Growthworx can do all that for you in little to no time.

How Does Growthworx Scrape Data?

We have a team of extremely talented individuals with years of experience in Custom Scraper Development and Web Scraping. They know their way around all data-related tasks.

Our experts use custom scripts to scrape data from different websites or public and private sources using Python, C#, and PHP. If you are not sure which website or source of data to provide, we can help you with that too by suggesting sources that fit your requirements.

With Growthworx, you can have the most complicated websites or databases scraped efficiently and converted into different formats:

  • xls
  • CSV
  • txt
  • SQL
  • MDB

Scraping 200 Records

For various purposes, you may need a different number of pages or records scraped for a directory. At Growthworx, we can tailor our web scraping script to suit your requirements.

For instance, if you only need to extract a single page of data or 200 records, we can adjust our process to provide you just that.

Thus, you will have access to exactly the data you need without having to filter out irrelevant content or manually going through the process.

How does Growthworx Stand Out?

Even if you are not aware of this side of the tech world, Growthworx will walk you through each step of the way. Our aim is to help you out by easing the entire technical process and delivering your desired output.

Our wide range of techniques and expert’s ability to handle any type of web or file directory gives us the edge to thoroughly understand your needs.

For example, you can even add multi-threading and multi-processing for a large number of records on your output.

Apart from that, our programmers can deploy a scraping bot on your server and also, scrape millions of records from a server without breaking a sweat!


Want to extract or scrape data from a website, file or directory? Just provide us with the source and we’ll have the data delivered to you in no time!

So, whether you need 200 records scraped or 200000 records scraped, get in touch with Growthworx and save your time and energy!

Let’s get scrapping!

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