Scrape 10,000 Records from the Web/Directory/File or Data Source Provided


✔️We will scrape 10.000 records from the web/directory/file or data source provided


An incredible amount of data can be found on the internet for any field of research or personal interest.

But how can it be made useful for your business? Web scraping is the solution.

Through web scraping, you can collect only the data you need from various sources and sort it according to your requirements.

But the process itself requires adequate knowledge of handling data on the web or in files and directories. Here’s where Growthworx saves you from the technical work of web scraping.

How Web Scraping With Growthworx Works?

Growthworx aims to make your business activities smoother and more efficient through the following ways:

  • Tracking competitor’s details
  • Updating your server according to the modern generation
  • You can find product names, business names, contact names, addresses, telephones, mobile numbers, email addresses, websites, descriptions, and any other specifications, easily.


The Benefits of Getting up to 10,000 Records

Depending on the scale of your business or activity, 10,000 records can provide you with a lot of data to put to use.

If you run an e-commerce store, you can rely on web scraping to gather thousands of product prices from multiple websites then offer the best deals to your customers.

Scraping large amounts of data from any given source can also help businesses for lead generation, to help through a website transition, and much more.

Growthworx ensures that every single one of the 10,000 records is accurate, according to your needs, and reaches you in time.

How Growthworx Scrapes Data For You

From housing price lists and financial data to stock information, Growthworx can extract almost any type of data from the given source and convert it into a useable form for you.

We will do all the data extraction needed to pull the data into your database, spreadsheet, or any other application.

  • The first thing you need will be a scraping script that pulls data that is there on the web. We can provide a well-developed script, running under a licensed programming environment, that will scrape or convert the data you need from a public or private source.
  • The format of the data extracted from any source would be xls, csv, txt, xml, mdb, or sql.
  • We will do data scraping from any website of your choice. Websites are most commonly used for data scraping. Although, PDFs can also be used if the format allows.
  • You just need to provide the source from which you want the data then leave the rest to us. If you are not sure about the source, we can guide you with an idea of choosing the source that best fits your needs.



From databases of available real estate listings to product prices from several websites and much more, Growthworx can extract up to 10,000 records from the source provided, that too at a reasonable rate.

Reach out to Growthworx to improve the services and operations of your business. We work efficiently and deliver the best outcomes beyond your expectations.

Let us handle the web scraping effort, while you focus on growing your business!

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