Scrape 1,000 Records from the Web/Directory/File or Data Source Provided


✔️We will scrape 1000 records from the web/directory/file or data source provided


The incredible amount of data present on the internet is a rich resource for any field of research or personal interest. One needs to have skilled developers to effectively harvest all that data.

These are Web Scraping Specialists.

Web scraping means the use of an algorithm or a program to extract and process large amounts of data from the web. The data present on the web is in unstructured form, which can be collected and stored in a structured form if correct web scraping techniques are applied.

This is where Growthworx steps in! we can analyze large amounts of datasets from any given source and provide you with exactly what you need.

How Growthworx Scrapes Data from the Source Provided

The team of professionals in the field of IT at Growthworx can do all the data extraction needed to pull the data into your database, spreadsheet, or any other application.

Whether it is price lists, financial data, stock information, or any other type of data – Growthworx can extract it all and convert it into a useable form.

  • Developing a Scraping Script

A scraping script pulls data that is there on the web. We can develop a script that will scrape or convert the data you need from a public or private source.

The script provided by us will be well-developed, running under a licensed programming environment, and will not be handed over until it is useful.

  • Common Output Formats

The data extracted from any source will be converted into the following formats:

xls, csv, txt, xml, mdb, sql

  • Commonly Used Sources

The most commonly used source for data scraping is websites. Although, PDFs can also be used if the format allows.

  • Things You Need to Provide

You need to provide the source of data. Or we can help you with an idea of choosing the source that is fitting your needs.

You also need to provide credentials and search terms if these are required by the website

Web Scraping Using Python

Our programmers use Python programming language to scrape data for you.

Here is a list of features that make Python most suitable for web scraping:

  • Ease of use – it is simple to code. Many attributes are not used which makes it less messy and easy to use. 
  • Large collection of libraries – the huge collection of libraries in Python including Numpy, Matlplotlib, Pandas, etc. make it suitable for web scraping and further manipulation of extracted data. 
  • Dynamically typed – the variables are directly used without defining datatypes. This saves time and makes the job faster. 
  • Easily understandable syntax – Python code is expressive and easily readable, it’s like reading a sentence in English. Also, the indentation used in Python helps the user to differentiate between blocks in the code.


Web Scraping Made Easy for You!

If you are looking for up to 1,000 records fetched from your desired data source, Growthworx is your one-stop solution. We work efficiently and deliver the best outcomes beyond your expectations.

Sit back and relax and leave the hard work to our professionals.

Get in touch with us today!

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