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Even the most creative tv advertisements can be a flop without a voiceover that can complement the amazing graphics.

Choosing the right voice for your brand can be difficult, that’s why Growthworx offers you a variety of options to choose from.

Let us add the finishing touch to your creativity, by lending our voice to your brand that speaks to your targeted audience.

Why Our Services Are Worth Your Money

Free Samples To Help You Choose 

You can’t just hire any voice over artist. It’s important for the voice to suit your brand image and align with the tone of the ad. That’s why at Growthworx, you can choose a male voice over artist for your TV ads based on:

  • Language
  • Accent
  • Age
  • Ratings
  • Price range

Our Fully Equipped Studio

Growthworx offers only the best voice over services in the market. But how?

Well, trust us to provide you with the highest quality service thanks to our fully equipped professional studio, software programs for a little bit of tweaking, and microphones that allow us to deliver work that’s bound to please our clients.

Prompt Delivery No Matter How Big or Small the Order is 

Based on the length of your script, the package you choose, and the availability of our voice over artists, your order will be delivered anywhere between 2-3 days. Here at Growthworx, we’re good with deadlines! So don’t worry, we’ll deliver your order on time.

We Provide Affordable Services 

We know how expensive it is to fund Tv ads. Growthworx wants to be the solution to your advertising problems rather than being another costly burden on your marketing budget. We provide affordable services that maximize your running time at a low rate.

There’s a variety of options to choose from and prices go higher as running time increases.

Post Production Revision 

Rarely, it so happens that voice over file our artists deliver does not meet the expectations of the client. In that case, we try our best to accommodate our clients and provide revisions on the audio we delivered.

However, given that we offer multiple samples and demos to clients for each voice over artist, it is highly unlikely that you’ll want a revision. In any case, we offer up to 2-3 revisions based on the package you’ve chosen.

What We Need from You 

As voiceover artists, we need information about your brand that will help us shape our services to best suit your business needs. So don’t forget to provide us with:

  1. The script which you want us to voice over
  1. An in-depth summary of what your brand’s expectations are (your preferences and desires)

*if you can’t provide us with a script for the voice over, worry not, our team can draft one for you! Just select a package that includes scriptwriting.

  1. The background music you want us to use
  1. Instructions about the tone and style you want us to use

Your Message, Our Voice

If you’re convinced to avail our male voice over services for tv advertising or have any more questions all you have to do is give us a call on +(03) 9751 7904 or drop an email at

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