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Why a Targeted Email Marketing List is Important?

Since marketing your business through emails is an efficient strategy, it is also very crucial to have a list of email ids of your potential consumers. Having a targeted email marketing list can play an integral part in the overall marketing strategy of your business.

The process of generating an effective email marketing list is two-folds. First, you must need to get consumers to want to receive your emails, and second, you must be able to make the emails engaging so the consumers on the list want to keep getting them.

Want to save yourself from the hassle of collecting thousands of email addresses and maintaining the list? Worry no more, Growthworx is there at your service!

How Growthworx Compose List of Contacts for Your Campaign

With a team of highly professional marketing specialists on board, who have worked with well reputed companies over the years, Growthworx is the right choice for running successful email marketing campaigns.

We prepare a list of up to 30k contacts exclusively for your business that not only increase the click through rates but also give your business the boost that it needs to grow.

High-quality and Accurate Data of Active Buyers and Consumers

Isn’t it important that the emails you are sending out are read by the consumers? Yes, it is! If you are promoting your business to the people who are not interested in it then they are very less likely to open the mails and these will be filtered as spam eventually. But you don’t want that, don’t you?

Our team keenly analyzes the nature of your business and put together the data of active buyers and consumers relevant to your business so that they open the mail that you sent.

99% Valid Data

We promise 99% valid and authentic data of actual customers. There is not a single contact in the list which is invalid, duplicate, or fake.

Name, Email Id, Address

The list of contacts we build for email marketing comprises of name, email id, and address of each and every contact present on the list.

Why Choose Us?

Growthworx can provide you an active email list of real and genuine buyers who make regular purchases through Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce websites. This email list consists of fresh and authentic email addresses. The list is also verified by Email Hippo.

Other benefits of choosing Growthworx as your email marketing strategists include:

  • No duplicate addresses
  • No fake ids
  • Fast response
  • List is regularly updated
  • A properly organized list
  • Best for your e-business

Get in Touch with Us Now!

You can choose from our basic, standard, or premium package and get a list of up to 30,000 email ids for your campaign, all at affordable prices.

We also offer FREE email marketing software with a premium package that is easy to integrate with any SMTP and has the capacity to send 20,000 emails per day!

Schedule your free consultation today or surf our website for more details about our email marketing services.

To discuss more how we can help you for high quality backlinks call us +(03) 9751 7904  or email

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