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Digital marketing – both online and offline – has taken the world by storm. There are far too many mediums to tap and use to reach a wider audience.

However, how does one determine what medium, digital or non-digital, is most ideal for their company?

Having decided a medium, there comes a long list of options to choose from.

In digital, should one go for social media marketing or something else? In traditional non-digital options, such as television advertisements and radio, which one is more viable?

GrowthWorx exists to help its customers use the right medium, choose the most appropriate platform, and make an advertisement statement that is sure to bring in a large traffic of audience.

Combining The Best of Both Worlds

At GrowthWorx, we believe in combining the best of techniques together that manifest into creative and holistic marketing plans.

Keeping up with our essence of creativity, we offer a combination of radio advertising and online digital platform.

We are sure you are quite excited now. How is it possible to have radio advertising that is done through an online digital platform?

Continue reading and you shall know shortly!

Potential of Radio Advertising and Digital Marketing

One must think that of all the channels, why do we provide radio advertisement services and digital marketing?

It’s simple. Our researches and past performances have shown that radio advertisement is the most effective medium to advertise because of following reasons:

  • Local audiences are better targeted
  • Radio stations are considered more trustworthy
  • Radio stations enjoy the same recognition and respect as local newspapers and tv channels

Thus, we chose radio advertisement as a form of marketing tool.

Yet we understood the inherent limitations to radio advertisements. For instance, what if people no longer own a radio and instead have switched to completely digital devices such as laptops and mobiles?

Therefore, we had to utilize a platform that allowed us to combine the power of radio advertisement and the reach of online, digital platforms.

Now that you are aware of the philosophy behind our services, let us share our methodology that has offered proven success.

What’s Our Secret

GrowthWorx utilizes iHeart Radio that is an online digital radio advertising platform. We are sure most of us have heard about iHeart Radio, but rarely do people realize the potential it holds.

We creatively advertise and strategically promote all local and global businesses on iHeart Radio. Through us, your company and brand will connect with the target audience in unprecedented ways and result in tremendous exposure for your brand and message.

We are sure we don’t have to spell out what effective exposure means for businesses and its immense capability to provide an impressive rate of return on investment.

Why Our Service On iHeart Radio Advertisement Works

Over years of experience, GrowthWorx has learnt what are the most effective and communicable techniques to reach 276 million listeners of iHeart Radio and mark the presence of our clients through iHeart Radio’s 850 radio stations.

We use specific keywords and optimize SEO to be able to connect with a wider audience. We curate our marketing ideas in such a manner that our message, through iHeart Radio’s local stations, reaches local audiences.

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