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Looking for ways to connect with your clients faster and efficiently? Well, for a business to grow and prosper, it is crucial to keep its customers closer than their competition.

Why? That is because only a company that caters to their client’s requirements and needs seriously will be able to grow in the long run.

But how can you as an organization, irrespective of the size, stay closer to your customers and keep them updated with your innovations and deals?

Growthworx offers outbound telemarketing services to businesses that are looking for effective ways to grow through retaining their old customers and gaining new ones!

What is The Outbound Telemarketing Service?

Have you ever heard about outbound telemarketing? Even if you haven’t we will explain all about it to you.

The outbound telemarketing services that Growthworx offers include:

  • cold calling clients, both old and new
  • updating them with your business’s newest offerings.
  • our representatives try their best to convince customers to try out your product/service by grabbing their attention with the right use of words.

Our professionals are experts in dealing with clients over the phone, convincing them with amazing deals and offers which are hard to resist!

What Makes Outbound Telemarketing Effective?

Many businesses ask us why they should go for our outbound telemarketing services?

Here is why:

  1. Cost-effective Solution

Hiring a team for marketing and customer services would require:

  • A huge investment
  • Dedicated additional space for them
  • Constant supervision
  • Opportunity cost of time and resources.

By hiring us for the work, we’ll share the burden, handle clients more effectively and most importantly, you won’t need to spend an extra penny on managing the team in-house.

  1. Higher Sales

Professionals at Growthworx hold years of experience in telemarketing. Thus, when it comes to handling customers, we’ll convince them to consider and even buy your product. In turn, bringing in more profits and growth opportunities for the company.

What Services Do We Offer?

Outbound telemarketing is not just simple cold calling customers about new deals and offers. Rather it is an art possessed by our professionals that allows them to easily lure the clients into buying from your business and giving you increased sales.

Here is a quick glance at our outbound telemarketing package:

  1. Outbound cold calling
  2. Appointment setting
  3. Collecting feedback and reviews

Our services are not limited to a single industry. Outdoor telemarketing can prove effective for almost any business to drive up their sales.

From real estate to legal service providers, and from education to insurance, our professionals will happily talk to the customers, keep a close eye on them and share your workload.


Want to expand your customer base and take your product to everyone who needs it? Outbound telemarketing with Growthworx will not only help you bring new customers but will also ensure the expense is within your budget.

Call us today or visit our website to learn more and get in touch with our professional team!

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