We will create a diverse national SEO campaign for your website with 4 magical technique


For this service, Growthworx will provide you with a national SEO campaign that will improve your website rankings. We will create backlinks to your website from a wide range of websites.

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Diverse national SEO campaign for your website

This service is safe and effective, and has been proven successful with hundreds of clients.

By creating backlinks to your website from a wide range of websites your backlink diversity will be increased – backlink diversity is a known Google ranking metric, improving your backlink diversity will help improve your website rankings over time.


Start ranking your website with a national SEO campaign that works

This service will provide you with links to your website that will look natural to search engines.

Order the premium package to get the below benefits

With the premium package you will also get an SEO action plan, a full website audit and analysis, a penalty risk report, and a will then deliver a campaign based on our reports recommendations that is specific to your website, to your website niche, and to your websites SEO needs..

Service provided:

  • backlink diversity
  • Tiered links
  • Detailed report with every order.
  • Every url put into an indexer service and drip fed. Free! 
  • Super Spun content with every submission. 
  • Fast service & full support
  • handwritten report on your site with detailed and manual analysis (premium pack only)

We accept websites in any language

We provide this service for:

  • Websites
  • Videos
  • Affiliate Sites
  • Any url you want to rank

Order now and beat your competition. 

national seo campaign
National SEO Campaign

The Importance of backlink diversity on national SEO campaign for improving Google search rankings


What does it mean to have a diverse backlinks profile? Why do we have links from both high authority domains and lower authority domains if links from high domain authorities have more value?

The answers to these questions and more may be simpler than you think.



Here are four ways to improve your backlink diversity



  1.         Make your backlinks appear natural, or naturally acquire backlinks


Google, the primary search engine we optimize for, rewards natural or organic links. Therefore, a properly executed SEO strategy means that any backlinks need to either be acquired naturally or appear to be. One of the ways to accomplish this is with a backlink profile that includes an array of links from various sources.  A good start is to make sure you have a clean link profile with a mixture of high domain metrics and relatively lower ones, topped with different types of content and backlinks.


  1.         Ensure you have both ‘follow’ and ‘no follow’ backlinks


Additionally, research by SEMrush shows that website pages rank better on Google when there is a good mixture of follow and no follow links. Having only follow links would appear unnatural and likely trigger Google to closer at your ranking tactics.


  1.         Keyword Usage – don’t overdo it!


Aside from ensuring link diversity, another factor is keyword usage in optimizing your backlinks. We need to ensure that the keywords are not repeated excessively. Remember, variety is the key. When using keywords as anchor text, it should also follow variations in the linking patterns. This is a good tool to use to give you ideas on the type of keywords and phrases people are using for your industry.


  1.         Anchor Text over optimisation


One more thing to keep in mind is to never over-optimize the anchor text with keywords. This is why we have varying types of backlinks and content every month: there is a healthy combination of branded and non-branded articles. For branded articles like on-page blogs, press releases and videos, we only use the landing page. For non-branded articles such as guest blogs and editorials, we utilize them for keyword optimization.


Backlinks Diversity takeaways


The takeaway here is that backlink, anchor text, and keyword diversity are the most important metrics to consider when assessing the backlink diversity on your website. 


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To discuss more on how we can help you with your national SEO campaign, call us on (03) 9751 7904 or email contact@growthworx.com.au.

Also, you can get an SEO audit report for your website from us.

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