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✔️Make 500 quality calls, explain your product/service, set appointments, get details, create a report
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How many times have customers ended the call before you can even utter the name of the product? Too many times to count, right?


No one said telemarketing was easy. It just might be one of the hardest things to do to make a consumer listen to you on call when they have no idea who you are. You need a whole lot of persuasiveness to make them stay, let alone sell the product to them.

It might seem a task too difficult to carry out yourself, but some people do it so effortlessly and the return they get in terms of sales or new customers makes you wonder, what are they doing right?

We at Growthworx are here to turn around your telemarketing returns and turn leads into customers.


What Is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a combination of two words, “telephone” and “marketing”. Combine these two and you have one of the hardest to carry out, yet effective marketing tools.

But do remember, telemarketing includes calls, video calls, or calls through the internet. It does not include emails and other communication mediums.


What A Telemarketing Call Includes?

In many ways, telemarketing is a direct approach where you have only one chance – that too of only a few seconds – to make an impression. That’s why it is important to get everything right.

Moreover, you simply can’t call up every business in the phone directory hoping some might need your business; it is too much of unnecessary effort.

Hence, Growthworx follows these steps to ensure telemarketing is done effectively:

  • Targeting Potential Leads: Business who have the need or want of your service
  • Engaging Conversational Tone on Call
  • Careful Selection of Words
  • Sticking to Essential Information and Not Forcing the Customer


Why Choose Growthworx For Telemarketing?

The only reason you should be choosing Growthworx is if you believe in results.

With our incredible team of highly competent professional salesmen, we have the experience and expertise to enhance your telemarketing and generate a new set of leads.


What Do We Offer?

With the best offer in town, you’re bound to choose us. We provide an astonishing 500 calls in these categories:

  1. Cold calling
  2. Lead generation
  3. Setting appointment
  4. B2B and B2C

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, be it a mortgage, insurance, market survey, legal, manufacturing, real estate we will make sure you get the maximum possible return on your investment.


What We Need From You?

We won’t need a lot from you except for some basic information to get us going. What we need is:

  • The product or service description that you’d want to promote.
  • Your Website
  • The script or campaign you want us to execute


500 Telemarketing Calls: A Chance To Grow Your Business

The 500 calls we guarantee will provide you with a return you never expected.

Entrust Growthworx with the responsibility of telemarketing your product or service, and watch your sales grow exponentially. We also guarantee to find you leads and increase your customer reach.

Telemarketing may not be an easy task but with our experience in this field, we assure you to provide you a service of a lifetime.

Reach out to us at Growthworx today and we will be at your service right away!

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