Integrate Zoho CRM with custom PHP or HTML website, contact form, email, synchronise WordPress sales data


CRM Integration with Custom PHP Website, HTML Website, Contact Form, Email, WordPress Sale Data Sync
✔️Design Customization

Integrate Zoho CRM with WordPress, WooCommerce or Custom PHP, Landing page, Chatbots or with several other Apps. Following can be done under this gig, Single package doesn’t include all of this. Please chat for Pricing.

  1. Get all Registered Users in WordPress saved to Zoho automatically
  2. Captures and Saves all the Contact Form Submission with User’s email, phone number, message and date contacted, etc.
  3. Record all the sales in CRM automatically after successful payment.
  4. Send an email from Zoho to all of your team members immediately after a record is added/updated, for example, a sale is registered or someone just contacted you through a contact form on the website.
  5. Capture all the Newsletter Sign-ups
  6. Update a record in CRM automatically on any Refund or Order Cancellation
  7. Add/ Update Subscription Based purchase/Sale in WordPress / WooCommerce to Zoho CRM
  8. Help with Zappier
  9. Anytime Integration With WordPress and Zoho, Hubspot, Gmail, Mailchimp, Paypal, Stripe, Shopify, Twilio, Salesforce – Saves/Record all the transaction in CRM or Lead capturing tool and never lose your precious customer’s contact information.

Please chat with us before ordering the Gig!

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