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Processing payments on your website is without a doubt one of the most crucial aspects of running an online business. No matter if you are a small, home run business or a large corporation, your payment page needs to be smooth and convenient for your customers. This is the final part of any purchase, and if customers face hassle here, it can easily demotivate them from completing their purchases.

At Growthworx, we will help you take your business operations to the next level. By integrating the Stripe Payment Gateway – the hottest new payment processor on the block – you can boost your sales and revenue.


Why Opt for Stripe Integration

Unlike other payment processers, such as Paypal or, Stripe’s fees are simpler.

  • The transaction fee is a flat rate of 2.9% + 30¢;
  • No fee for charging cards from your website;
  • A chargeback of only $15;
  • Same flat rate for any micropayments of less than $10 made;
  • No fee for the use of international cards, other than the cost of currency conversion at 2%;
  • No fee for authorizing cards;
  • No fee for advanced fraud protection;
  • Accepts Apple Pay.


Hire Growthworx and Secure Your Business Prospects

Stripe is not only the cheaper option for any business owner, drastically reducing operation costs, but it is neither complex nor nuanced. Everything is straightforward, so maintaining it will be a piece of cake.

Moreover, Stripe is a stable and secure platform, and it encourages good security, especially with features like Stripe.js which sends credit card data directly to Stripe rather than your servers. This can be quite beneficial to your business because if there was ever a breach of servers and data, no sensitive credit card information would be stolen.


Account Creation and Subscription Plans: Quick and Easy

Our team of skilled experts will integrate Stripe customer creation and plan subscription with your website, whether you’ve built the website yourself from scratch, or on a content management system such as WordPress.

When the customer creates an account, you will be able to attach an individual plan to every single customer of yours. This is beneficial for those who want to receive the same product of yours on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, depending on the billing cycle you choose.

Growthworx engineers will put forth different plan options, as per your requirements, for your customers when they integrate Stripe Payment Gateway with your website. According to whichever is selected, on each new billing cycle, an invoice for the product purchase will be created, and the customer will be charged automatically.

This is a prime option for business who sell consumables such as:

  • Make-up Products;
  • Skin Care Products;
  • Medicines; and

Different accessibility businesses such as Spotify, Netflix, Kindle and Amazon Prime or other home workout providers also make use of account creation and subscription plans.

With Stripe, each customer of yours can have up to 500 subscriptions, be it active or scheduled to start later.


We Care About Your Business

Take advantage of this offer and get in touch with our team now. We work efficiently, and effectively, giving you the best final product. Our success is in your success, so let us make your online business operations more accessible not just for you but for all your customers as well.

Contact us today!

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