Integrate a Bitcoin secure payment gateway to your website to take either a one-off payment or recurring payment


Paypal, Stripe, .Bitcoin & Paypal Express
✔️E-Commerce Functionality

What can we do for you: (WordPress )

  1. Paypal/Paypal Express
  2. Stripe ( With reoccurring)
  3. Square
  4. 2 checkout
  5. Bitcoin And Many More.

This gig includes:

  1. Payment Gateway Integration
  2. payment gateway bug Fixing & much more

Why us:

  1. Single charge payment
  2. Recurring charge payment
  3. Customer creation
  4. Customer subscription
  5. Plan creation
  6. Woocommerce Stripe integration

We will add all Secure Payment Gateway to your website so you can start taking either one-off payments or subscriptions (recurring billing). We can do this for any website no matter whether it’s custom-built or built on a CMS such as WordPress.

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