Install 2 premium plugins on your WordPress website


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✔️We will install 2 premium plugins for you on your WordPress site.
⏱️1 Day Delivery
✔️1 Revision
✔️Theme Installation
✔️2 Plugins/Extensions


The plugins are 100% original files directly downloaded from the developer. We buy them and then redistribute it at a lower cost without inserting any codes or virus, unlike others. Some of them can be updated by yourself which doesn’t require API for updates while others have to be updated manually. In such cases, we will provide you with an update.

Note that most of the plugins don’t get automatically updated and hence we provide updates upon you asking us for it.

These Plugins Are Bought For 1 License & Is Distributed On Public License

These Gig Doesn’t Provide Agency Licenses Installations

Please before placing an order, ask & clear doubts

You can also ask for a plugin if it is not in the list as all plugins cannot be added here

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