I will write your rap or rnb lyrics


Sam, we need a short description here.

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(I am a Christian, so I will not write any songs about lusting for money, sex, drugs, or any sinful things of this world. Nor will I encourage lying, stealing, killing, or anything of the sort that goes against the Bible in any of the songs.)

Why should you choose me?

I am a professional hip-hop artist with thousands of followers and streams on YouTubeSpotifyiTunes, etc.

YT – Young Ravage/RavageRaps
Spotify – RavageRaps
iTunes – RavageRaps

What can you expect from me?

– Well thought through Lyrics
– Unique Flows and Delivery
– Reference Track to show how the song is presented

How It works:

You send me your idea, the instrumental if you have one (or I’ll provide one) and I will write your song based off of the details you provide.

must credit me (RavageRaps)

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