I will write short but effective emails for your email marketing campaign


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We don’t design e-mails. We write content for e-mails.

Due to the demand for this service, we have decided to create this service. The purpose of email marketing is to “sell the click.” For emails to be effective, they must be able to convince the reader to click the link to your site or sales letter. You can also do some pre-selling to get your readers in the “buying mood” before they actually go to your website and buy something. If all this sounds good to you, order this service.


$45: 1 effective mail (150-200 words). Top-quality! See 3000+ feedbacks
$80: 2 engaging and top-class e-mails with subject lines that readers will love to read.
$200: 5 mail sequence (150-200 words each), best selling with awesome results! Amazing discount!
$380: 10 power packed swipes that will take your business to a whole new level.
+$10: killer headlines
+$15: include a p.s

If you have any question before placing an order, please contact.


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