I will write or rewrite original lyrics for your songs


Sam, we need a short description here.

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I will write Lyrics for your songs! Just give me an instrumental and I will write original lyrics based around your ideas and needs

Serious or funny? – I will do both
I am a professional singer-songwriter with released 3 single and 1 EP released to date
Music is my love and i take it seriously but I am also up for a laugh!
I’m happy to write about anything
a love song for your partner or for your dog can do!
Happy or sad, angry or scared anything is possible, so don’t be scared to ask!

I can write lyrics that resonate with the experiences & evoke emotions or just something just to make a person laugh!

i am happy to write or any genre or type of song but i ask IF you are looking for Rap, punk or metal to message first because writing for those genre’s can take a little more time

Please do contact me with questions or requests I can write about specific topics places emotions or even a person if you tell me enough about them!
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