I will write marketing emails for drip email marketing campaigns


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Custom Email Marketing Campaigns 

Drip emails, or marketing emails, are the most cost-effective way to boost sales. We are a copywriter who specializes in email campaigns of all types. Campaign Monitor stated this type of web marketing has a whopping 4400% ROI. On average across all industries, every spent on email marketing returns in sales.


Improve Your Sales with Marketing Emails

  1. Have higher open rates
  2. Higher click-through rates
  3. Help generate more orders, more often


My Effective Emails:

  1. Are packed with a few powerful sentences that speak to what the customer truly wants
  2. Include an effective subject line and CTA for great open rates
  3. Are brief, so they’re read and not just deleted
  4. Focus on consumer-derived benefits

Customers click-through to a landing page

Customers re-order more often

Customer loyalty builds



All by keeping your customers engaged with my drip emails and effective email marketing campaigns.

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