I will write killer sales copy for your landing pages, emails, and ads


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Grab the reader by the throat.

That’s the #1 thing copy needs to do.


Get attention. Or they’ll never read your pitch.

Then you can twist the knife and sell them the cure.


Most copy? Doesn’t do anything.

And it gets you 0 sales.




It cuts deep and makes them throw money at you.

The money you can then use to buy muffins, pet monkeys, or anything else you want.


Now, if you are scared of your copy being too daring

Or if are looking for formal, tame, corporate marketing-speak filled copy…

… We are not a good fit.


Being tame never got me anywhere, and it doesn’t work in copy either.


But if you are ready to make your copy IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE…


Here we are. We are a CERTIFIED direct response copywriter.


We write copy that sells — for sales pages, ads, emails…

Our copy is *engineered*, rather than written, using a battle-tested system based on solid, real-world psychology.

We go deep into the skull of your target market, find out what they really care about.

Then we close the gap between that and your product.


Don’t wait — Get in touch now.


The guarantee – we work on the copy until you are satisfied.

Please shoot me a message before ordering to see if we’re a fit.


Thank you.


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