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Hi, We are Growthworx and we are an email copywriter and author with all 5-star reviews here on Growthworx.

Email copywriting, when expertly done, is an extremely powerful way to engage your audience – just ask any of the 200+ happy people who have left a review for my work here on Growthworx.

We have emailed well over 15 million customers for people, businesses, and agencies all around the world, which means we know what works – saving you time, effort, and money trying to find out for yourself.


Here’s what you will receive (in a Word and/or PDF document):

  1. Your completed email copy to your chosen word length
  2. 2 subject lines to increase the open rate
  3. 1 catchy headline
  4. 1 revision


Turn clicks into customers, build trust, and make sales with me, your level two email copywriter.

Note: need more than one email or an email sequence? Message us with your requirements for the best prices.


Thank you.


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