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Hey, Potential Customer

We have a quick question.

Are your emails attention-grabbing, well-written, concise, and getting you the results and responses you need? 

If you answered no to any of these, it’s high time you consider putting my professional expertise to work for you!


Well, getting an email list is half the battle. You could have a list of every email ever created, but with boring subject lines and bland proposals, it’s practically worthless. If you want to:

  1. Make an impression and get more persons to follow your CTA
  2. Guide new leads through a funnel that increases conversion rates
  3. Build templates for internal and external business communications
  4. Rock the email game

Then don’t waste another second shouting into the void. Order now, and for just $10, we will write you a 150-word email template (text only, delivered in ms word) that’s short, sweet, and effective.

Need more copy?

Check out our other packages.

Need something specific? 

Drop me a message and we will get your custom order set up.

Thank you.

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Make An Impression – $15, Shut Down Objections – $35, Build A Relationship – $75

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