I will write and produce rock and metal music for your project


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If you’re looking for background music for your video, band, or a track for any commercial purposes, we will make you a rock or metal song. With 13 years of musical experience. Check out the available package or you just let me know what you want and I will do it on a custom offer. we guarantee you will be satisfied.

The music owning rights will be 100% given to the buyer after the order is done.

We produce my own music using a Macbook Pro, Logic Pro X, and other 3rd party plugins. This will give you a studio-quality production.

1. Guitars: Sterling JP150, Schecter Banshee-6 Active
2. Bass: Ibanez GSR180-BK
3. Drums Software: EZDrummer 2, MT Power Drum Kit 2
4. Modelling Sim Amp & FX: BIAS AMP 2, BIAS FX 2
5. Interface: Steinberg UR12
6. DAW: Logic Pro X
7. Midi Controller: IK Multimedia iRig Keys 37

and 3rd party audio plugins such as TDR Kolesnikov(Compressing), iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced(AIO Premium Package), iZotope VocalSynth 2 (Vocal Effects, Harmonizer,etc.), TSE BOD v2(Bass Overdrive for Metal).

Check out the packages, drop us a message so that we can discuss all of the options. The custom offer is negotiable.

Thank you.

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