I will write an elevator pitch for your business or nonprofit


Sam, we need a short description here

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If you would only have 30 seconds to describe the work you do, what would you say?
Let us help you craft a response that will be clear, concise and powerful so that you can market your business or nonprofit as succinctly as possible. Please understand that political-related statements are not included.

A few additional notes:
Be sure to reach out to me before ordering so that we can make sure we are a good fit for your needs.
Check out my extras. we can turn your pitch into a PowerPoint deck. we can also write content for your press release.
If you will be using what we write for your website, please note that we are not a SEO or conversion expert.
If you are sending me an attached document, please send it in a Word format.
If you request a revision, please stay within the original scope of your order.

Thank you.

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