I will tune and pitch correct your vocals using melodyne or autotune


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Message me before you make the order so we can go through the details and answer any questions that you have about vocal tuning, vocal mixing, pitch correction, or sound effects.

If the packs do not fit with your project we can offer you a Custom Offer.

Personalized and professional treatment for high-demand artists. Will work until you are completely satisfied with the result.

We use Melodyne and Autotune on your vocals depending on what you require.

Vocal Styles:

  1. Natural sounding (such as Adele, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran)
  2. Commercial pop singer (Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez)
  3. Hard tuned (Post Malone, Drake, The Weeknd).

We will manually tune, edit and enhance your vocals to sound clean and professional.

Important: It is highly recommended that you submit to me the isolated vocal tracks and the backing track, instrumental or music on a separate track as well.

Place your order now! and let’s start doing the magic


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