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I’ll translate your English content into perfect Brazilian Portuguese!

You can send me your Word Document (.doc or .docx), Excel File (.xls or .xlsx), Power Point Presensation (.ppt or .pptx) or plain text (.txt) to be translated.

I’ll send you:
1. The complete document translated in the original format;
2. An Excel document, containing the English and Portuguese translated sentences side-by-side.

Here, you’ll find:
1. Perfect Brazilian Portuguese;
2. Years of experience;
3. Guaranteed quality;
4. Geolocated translation.

And most importantly:
1. I will make the whole translation manually!
2. No Google Translator!
3. No Automated Software Translation!

I’ll make perfect translations for:
1. Sports;
2. Food;
3. App Translation;
4. Fashion & Clothing;
5. News;
6. Marketing;
7. Technology & Games;
8. Education & Culture;
9. Movies & TV Series;
10. Home Decoration & Accessories;
11. Flight & Travel;
12. E-book translation;
13. Company presentation;
And more!

I’m NOT able to translate:
1. Technical engineering content;
2. Adult content;
3. Terms & Conditions.

So if you need this kind of translation, please contact us before purchasing any gig.

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