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Perhaps you are struggling to get insights from your website. Or, maybe you don’t know whether your social media campaign or post is bringing you enough visitors. Also, it might be the case that you can’t differentiate between organic and paid traffic that is coming to your site every second.

If you are stuck to measure your website traffic, you are at the right place to start. We will help you to leverage Google Analytics from every aspect and make the most of it to reduce your pain points.

GA & GTM Account Setup

We will set up your Google Analytics account from the scratch and install the required JavaScript code on your WordPress, Shopify, or other websites.

If you prefer to use Google Tag Manager, we will integrate it with your GA account.

GA Account Audit

  1. If you feel your existing account needs an audit to make sure whether it is properly functioning or not, we will audit and fix any issue.
  2. We will provide you a thorough report containing insight and tips for optimization.

Track-able Campaign

If you want to measure a landing page performance with accuracy, we can set up a track-able campaign that will show up in GA.

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