I will setup google adwords PPC campaign


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✔️ Setup Search Campaign. Keywords, Text & Ads.
⏱️ 3 Days Delivery
✔️ Account setup
✔️ Campaign QA


AdWords Consultants and Experts You Can Trust

  1. Are you struggling to set up your first Google AdWords campaign? Do not struggle anymore. We can help you to get started with Adwords. We are a Google certified Adwords professional with 4 years of experience.

For better results, You just need to target the right keyword and you need a great landing page that is relevant to what the person searched for.

In this service, we will set up & launch one search campaign with 1 keyword.

  1. Setup Campaign
  2. 1 Adset
  3. 1 Ad copy
  4. 1 Keyword
  5. Create a Bidding strategy
  6. Add negative terms ( for broad and phrase match types)

Note: For more keywords order multiple gigs.

For custom requests, please message us before placing the order.


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