I will set up and manage high converting social media ads


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Why would you purchase this gig?

  1. Facebook has 2.27 billion, Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users. People access Facebook an average of 8 times every day, and they spend 35 minutes on Facebook daily. However, Facebook’s 2018 algorithm change means businesses can reach 1.6% – 2% of their followers organically, at best.
  2. Through FB ads, we can connect with people who are similar to your customers. We can retarget people who have visited your website or get in touch with your loyal customers.

Why us?

  1. We are an agency helping small businesses ace social media.
  2. We have over 15 years of marketing & content creation experience. We have worked for global companies like Vogue, GQ, CNBC, Omron, Tuborg, Mercedes as well as small businesses and start-ups.
  3. We care about your business results. We are reliable, responsive, experienced – and easy to work with!

What we offer

  1. Creating your campaign idea, setting goals (Basic)
  2. Creating target audiences (Basic)
  3. Managing your campaign for improvement & optimisation (Standard & Premium)
  4. Lead generation campaign set-up, incl. landing pages and follow-up emails (Premium)

Our fees do not include your ad spend.

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