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Podcasts are a great way to market yourself.

You could be an author, singer, blogger or even a podcaster looking for a way to market your content and get your name/company out there. Well, there’s no better and fun way than by doing so whilst being a guest on a podcast you like.

Let me do the heavy-lifting and find you the perfect podcasts for you to be on, as you focus on getting that amazing voice of yours ready for the show!

I will provide you with a detailed list of Podcast shows, alongside their contact information which includes;

– Podcast name
– Host’s name
– iTunes link
– Website link
– Facebook page link
– Twitter profile link
– Instagram link
– Email address
– Brief notes on the Podcast Show

Researched podcasts consistently produce episodes (released within the past 1 month) and host guests, to ensure that you, dear buyer, have great chances of being booked.

Purchase the Standard or Premium gig and get a Free Pdf on how to pitch yourself/client to podcast shows.

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