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Research Keyword Emd Domain

Owning an exact match domain used to be a powerful way to advance search engine rankings for the keywords contained in the domain name. The lucky few who owned a domain containing a money k3yword could sit atop search engine rankings with far less effort than their domain-poor brethren.


  1. Started from 1500 – 100K exact searches per month
  2. Started from $1 – $48 cost per click that google pay to publishers
  3. Hard – Medium and most Low Competition
  4. Non-Branded K3yword, ex : [ sears coupons ]
  5. Buyer K3yword, ex: [ Nikon d4 reviews ]
  6. Available emd Domain on .com .net and .org

Extra Bonnus to every order:

  1. Win Second Emd for free with 1500++ searches and $1++ cpc
  2. Win Report how to find Emd for free and sell for $5-$50
  3. Win Extra fast Delivery within 24h

Special discount for bulk orders 

For any uncertainty, we will suggest to contact us before order. Please don’t ask or give personal contacts: we only operate here on Growthworxr and we respect the ToS.

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