I will repair, enhance, edit and denoise your audio quickly


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Using industry standard DAW’s Pro Tools 12, REAPER, and Ableton Live, along with Izotope’s RX Advanced and hundreds of audio plugins; I will do my best to restore your audio to sound how You want it to!

These are just some of the ways I can help:

  • Noise Reduction – background noises, hums, electrical interference, ambient background sounds, such as a noisy refrigerator, fan, vending machine etc.


  • Removal/Reduction of Clicks, Crackle, Pops, Plosives


  • De-Reverb – attenuate/remove room tone for a drier, cleaner sound


  • EQ Filtering  of problematic frequencies


  • Spectral Repair – attenuation/removal of unwanted noises, phones, beeps, bumps and knocks


  • Editing Unwanted Human Errors – removal of any ums, breaths, and stutters if possible

* If the Audio you have in mind is longer than 30 minutes, please contact me and we can figure out a Custom Rate for you!

* Feel free to contact me beforehand so I can ensure that your audio is repairable! Unfortunately not all issues can be fixed!

* Also if you happen to have the room tone files for your problem audio feel free to share them with me as it helps a lot!

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