I will record raspy bassy deep movie guy pro voice over audio


Sam, we need a short description here.

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Seeking that Don LaFontaine, extra-bassy, movie-guy voice over for your brand, product, ad campaign, etc? You’ve found it.

Why us:

  1. Canadian/male/neutral ‘North America’ accent
  2. Deep/raspy with soothing and authoritative bass tones
  3. No southern ‘drawl’; no New York ‘twang’; no west coast ‘Flava’
  4. International, broadcast, and in-studio experience with AAA corporate clients
  5. Bonafide VO Pro charging amateur rates

The home studio setup includes a Shure SM7b shotgun mic with a pop filter, Cloud Lifter, Focusrite Pre-amp, and Adobe Audition & RX7 / Ozone 8 for post-production.

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