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Extremely High-Quality GUITAR and BASS tracks for your songs!


We are a professional guitarist and bass player living in Nashville, TN. We do not discriminate against any style of music! We have played mostly everything from country, blues, indie, pop, funk, ambient rock, post-rock, metal, jazz, and fusion.

We will play guitar and bass and help make your song sound as amazing as possible. Our aim is to make sure that you’re 100% happy with your song when we are done working on it. We will deliver individual guitar and bass tracks for you to mix into your song. If you’d like us to mix and master your recording please send us a message.

Why pick us?

  1. 18 years of experience playing and recording
  2. highest quality sound using real amps and the newest processors and amp simulation
  3. fast turnaround
  4. you’re directly paying a musician
  5. competitive pricing



  1. Please contact us to discuss your project needs before placing an order.
  2. Between $60 and $160 depending on your project.
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