I will record for you sounds of nature


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The sounds of nature are great for relieving stress and anxiety or creating the right atmosphere. These sounds are also ideal background music for meditation and introspection.
The sounds of nature create a natural white noise that can help alleviate insomnia or even soothe a crying baby.
We offer you a list of 15 different sounds of nature:

  1. Creek
  2. Creek in the forest
  3. Forest atmosphere and bird song
  4. Wind in the forest
  5. Rain
  6. Winter forest atmosphere
  7. Blizzard
  8. Winter storm in the forest
  9. Waves of the ocean with cries of seagulls
  10. Calm waves of the ocean
  11. Thunderstorm
  12. Rainstorm with thunder
  13. Fireplace
  14. Bonfire
  15. Night forest

you can choose any sound or several to create a unique one! we will fulfill any of your wishes!  All audio tracks are supplied in WAV and MP3 format

Thank you for purchasing and using my audio!

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