I will provide SEO plan to outrank your competitors


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✔️ Video Explaining Strategy PDF Report on How To be #1 + Links on how to DIY Everything using Fiverr
⏱️ 10 Days Delivery
✔️ 3 Competitors
✔️ Competitor Backlink Analysis
✔️ Keyword Analysis
✔️ Content Analysis


This Service Includes:

  1. Provide Complete SEO Audit & Analysis
  2. Uncover what is stopping your listing from being number #1
  3. Provide Solutions to fix technical problems
  4. Provide a List of Growthworx Gigs Specific to your Budget to get the technical task completed
  5. Explain in Detail via a Recorded Video Presentation how to implement
  6. Everything.

Keyword Research:

  1. We will do in-depth keyword research as per your business niche and location and provide you a detailed report.

Competitor Analysis:

  1. If someone ranks above you, it means he has done something better than you. So, we will analyze your top 1 competitor and will tell you exactly why they are ranking above you and how we can beat your competition.

On-Page SEO Report:

We will list your website’s current status and all things that can be improved. On-Page SEO is the most overlooked part of SEO. Once you get this right, rankings will be a lot easier.

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