I will provide a 24 hour turnaround for transcription


Sam, we need a short description here

✔️ Just type in the number of minutes you want transcribed into the order box.
⏱️ 3 Days Delivery
✔️ Unlimited Revisions
✔️ Up to 2 Speakers
✔️ Proofreading


Step one: Send me your audio.

  1. Transcribe ZOOM interviews accurately!
  2. Transcribe Marketing Pitches accurately!
  3. Transcribe SRT required for Amazon PrimeVideoDirect!

We have transcribed within most industries:

  1. Medical transcription
  2. Technological
  3. Academic
  4. Lectures
  5. Business
  6. Groups
  7. Legal and more.

Longer audio? Send me the audio for a custom offer

Any volume of material. (Request offer)


  1. Perfect Proofreading (always)
  2. Subtitles (+ day) (upon request)
  3. Time stamps (upon request)
  4. Clean verbatim (included)
  5. Features without delay (Request offer)

Guaranteed deadlines:

  1. Professional transcription. Accurate and thorough. Beautifully transcribed documents
  2. Grammar, spelling and jargon thoroughly checked
  3. We are a native English speaker from the United States and am very familiar with a wide variety of US dialects and their styles of speaking
  4. Skilled with international accents.
  5. No robots. No software.
  6. Human transcribing only
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